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Specialized in:    { Powerpoint Slide Design }  -  { Youtube Video Design }  -  { Film Design }
for businesses around the world mainly based in Coimbatore/Bangalore, India

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Adarsh Developer Flash i-Brochure Design & Development
Malavika Sarukkai Flash Website Development
Thomas Cook Flash Presentation Design & Development
Srikantha Dwellings Flash i-Brochure Design & Development
Singapore Grand Prix Flash Presentation Development
Balance The Club Flash Presentation Development
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design

I love design & animation!

Hope you all doing good, healthy and enjoying the life. My name is Selva, a Freelance Presentation Designer based in Coimbatore/Bangalore, India with over 10 years of experience in designing responsive websites, mobile/tablet/web application, corporate and product launch videos, ppt/flash interactive presentation, brand identity design and 2D motion graphic animations.


Samsung R&D Institute India, Bangalore - 1.6 year

24/7 Inc, Bangalore - 2.11 years

Foresee Multimedia Production Studio, Bangalore - 3.6 years

Gene Macron Media Interactive Studio, Coimbatore - 2.0 years


♦  Diploma in Digital Visual Media (D.D.V.M.) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

I sincerely thank everyone who had helped me to attain this stage of what I am now. Take care. Bye



We are a bunch of professionals who are specialized in each areas like responsive websites, mobile/tablet/web application, corporate and product launch videos, ppt/flash interactive presentation, brand identity design and 2D motion graphic animations. Had worked and delivered lot of successful projects with various companies around the world. At present we are highly concentrating to take up projects relating to the below 3 Solutions.

Powerpoint Slide Design


Slide Design

Delight your audiences with visual presentations and see visible results as an individual or an organization with our in-house experienced design team.

Youtube Video Design


Video Design

We help you in creating the compelling and attentive short videos of your subject, ideas, inspiration and talent to showcase it to the whole world on a single click.

Corporate and Product Film Design

Corporate and Product

Film Design

Explore our cultivation in the field of creativity. Our way of story-telling creates a metaphorical expression of realness about digital corporate film and product presentation films.


We offer high quality design, making sure your Powerpoint presentations, Youtube videos and Corporate and Product films suit your requirement, budget, and timelines the best. You may want a new look based on latest design trends, a template approach, premium design, or a complete revamp from top to bottom. Whatever you may want, our team of project managers, designers, and storytellers are sure to exceed your expectations. Here's how we go from a simple idea to a presentation that's ready for the big stage.

Storyboarding the Idea
1. Storyboarding the Idea

We create a storyboard and structure based on your ideas and concepts on which the whole design will be developed with a clear view of the big picture.

Preparing the Content
2. Preparing the Content

Preparing and collecting all the necessary materials and content for the project with the brand guidelines and make sure all the messages are impactful.

Visualising the Content
3. Visualising the Content

Text, Pictures, Infographic data and other contents are all neatly grouped and placed in each screens visually to get the overall flow of the design.

Design and Development
4. Design and Development

We visually design and develop each screens attractive and eye-catchy to communicate your ideas in an engaging way to leave a lasting impression.

Deciding Animation Level
5. Deciding Animation Level

We boost the impact of key messages with high-end animated visuals. Our graphics are fresh to complement your content and bring your story to life.

Voiceover and Audio Score
6. Voiceover and Audio Score

Voiceover and background music gives you boosting control in setting the mood and feel in situations where you can’t interact directly with your audience.

Video Integration
7. Video Integration

We produce, edit and integrate any type of video format into your presentation to stimulate the audience visually, emotionally and intellectually.

Review and Improvisation
8. Review and Improvisation

To and fro reviews make beautiful compelling visuals, with a clear structure, help your audiences and learners to understand and remember the content.

Output Deliverable Format
9. Output Deliverable Format

We provide the design output in various formats as needed by the platform in which the client willing to publish their content to the whole world.



If you have an enquiry regarding an exciting project, or would like to discuss any future projects you may have in mind, please feel free to drop me a message using the form below or email me directly. Equally, if you are just passing by and simply want to say hello, then you are also welcome here.